Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions


The rental may not be extended without the prior agreement of the owner or the agency, the lessee accepting it in this way.

The latter declares on his honour that he does not exercise and does not seek to exercise any profession in the rental business and that the premises covered by this contract are rented to him only as a temporary residence, major conditions without which this rental would not have been granted.

2. – PRICE

This contract is firm and final.

The lessee who has paid a deposit to be deducted from the rental undertakes to take possession of the premises when they are placed at the disposal fixed in the contract and to pay the balance of the rental one month before the start of the rental. In the event that these conditions are not met and if the premises can be relet, only the damage suffered by the owner and the agency fees will remain the responsibility of the defaulting lessee.


The security deposit is paid to cover any damage that may be caused to the rented property and to movable or other objects in the rented premises as well as to the various charges and consumptions.

This sum will be refunded within one month, after deduction of the items replaced, any costs of repair, additional cleaning and the amount of consumption. If the security deposit is insufficient, the lessee undertakes to perfect the amount. If the rental has a telephone, the deposit will only be refunded after receipt of the statements.


  • The lessee undertakes to take the rented premises in the condition in which they will be when they come into use as described in the description attached to this contract.
  • Furniture and movable objects must only suffer from depreciation resulting from the normal use for which they are intended. Those which, at the end of this contract, are missing or have been taken out of service, for a reason other than normal wear and tear, must be paid or replaced by the lessee with the consent of the owner or his agent. This clause also applies to papers, draperies and the building in general. The rental does not include household linen.
  • It will be retained, if necessary:
    • the value of broken or cracked objects;
    • the price of washing or cleaning carpets, blankets, mattresses, bedding, etc., that have been stained.
  • The lessee undertakes to use the furniture and objects that make up the leased property for their intended use and in the places where they are located. It is strictly forbidden to transport them outside the rented premises.
  • The lessee must absolutely refrain from throwing objects likely to obstruct the pipes into the basins, bathtubs, bidet, sinks, wash basins, toilets, etc., failing which he will be liable for the costs incurred for the return to service of these devices.
  • Under penalty of termination, the lessee may NOT, IN ANY CASE, sublet or assign his rights to this contract without the express consent of the owner or his agent; he must live in the rented premises bourgeoisie, and may not, under any pretext, store furniture, except for linen and small objects.
  • The premises currently rented must under no circumstances be occupied by a number of persons greater than that indicated in the special provisions, without the prior agreement of the agent.
  • The lessee shall allow urgent work to be carried out on the premises to maintain the leased premises and common equipment in good condition.
  • The lessee may bring a pet into the rented premises with the express agreement of the agency.
  • In the event of a lease in a building, the lessees will comply, as occupants of the premises, with the internal regulations of the building, of which they acknowledge having read.
  • It is expressly forbidden to put linen on windows and balconies.
  • If the rental includes Internet access, the lessee undertakes not to use it in violation of French law.

In particular, it undertakes to:

  • not to use this access for the purpose of reproducing, representing, making available or communicating to the public works or objects protected by copyright or related rights – such as texts, images, photographs, musical works, audiovisual works, software and video games – without authorisation;
  • not to use illegal download software;
  • to comply with the security policy defined by the landlord as well as the rules for the use of the network and computer equipment.

The lessee is informed that in the event of failure to comply with these obligations, he is liable to prosecution for infringement (Article L. 335-3 of the Intellectual Property Code).

  • In the event that the lessee renews the lease, with or without interruption, the fees would be due to the agency during the new lease periods, in accordance with the firm’s fees.
  • The lessee must, within three days of taking possession, inform the agency of any anomaly found.


The lessor undertakes to make the rented accommodation available to the lessee in accordance with the description and to respect the obligations resulting from this contract.


For rentals equipped with swimming pools, it is specified that they have a safety system that complies with the standards in force.

A user and/or explanatory manual is given to the tenant who acknowledges it.


The lessee will be required to insure himself against theft, fire, glass breakage and water damage to an insurance company, and more generally for all his rental risks as well as for the furniture rented, as well as for the recourse of neighbours, and to provide proof at first request from the owner or his agent. Consequently, the latter decline any responsibility for the recourse that their insurance company may exercise against the policyholder in the event of a claim.


In the absence of payment on the due dates fixed or failure to comply with any clause of this commitment, and eight days after formal notice has remained unsuccessful, the owner or his agent may demand the immediate termination of this contract and the lessee must leave the rented premises by simple order of the judge hearing the application for interim measures.


Your personal data collected within the framework of this contract are subject to processing necessary for its execution. They are likely to be used in the application of regulations such as those relating to the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing.

Your personal data is kept for the duration of the execution of this contract, increased by the applicable legal limitation periods.

They are intended for the Lease Management Department and Agence de la Presqu’ile. It is specified that in the context of the performance of their services, the third parties listed above have only limited access to the data and are obliged to use them in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation on the protection of personal data.

The person responsible for processing personal data is the Agence de la Presqu’ile. In accordance with the French Data Protection Act, you have the right to access, rectify, delete, oppose and transfer your data by contacting CAZAUBON SANDRA.

You can file any complaint with the CNIL (www.cnil.fr).

In the event that telephone details have been collected, you are informed of the possibility of registering on the list opposing telephone solicitation provided for consumers (Article L. 223-1 of the Consumer Code).

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